Heart Diamond

       The heart shaped diamond dates back centuries, and is truly the most romantic of all diamond shapes.
It was first mentioned in correspondence between the Duke of Milan, Galeazzo Maria Sforza and Nicodemo, in 1463. In 1562, Mary Queen of Scots sent a heart shaped diamond ring to Queen Elizabeth; these diamonds were exchanged between royalty for hundreds of years as a symbol of good will and friendship.
The heart diamond shape is a modified brilliant diamond and can vary greatly in length and width. The ideal length to width ratio is 1 to 1. The setting itself should have five prongs to ensure security, stability and protection. When purchasing a heart shape diamond, symmetry is a very important factor to consider, as it is crucial that each of the two halves of the heart are identical. The cleft (the part between the two lobes) should be sharp. Heart shape diamonds tend to retain the body colour of the diamond, especially near the tip of the stone.

When a heart shaped diamond is smaller than 0.5 carats, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish as a heart, especially when it is set in prongs. For small heart shape diamonds, a bezel or three prong setting best preserves the heart shape of the diamond.
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